Unborn Babies Feel Pain

March 14th, 2012


Click here to download and print this petition. [PDF]

Whereas, with the advent of sonograms and live-action ultrasound images, neonatologists and nurses are able to see unborn babies react physically to stimuli such as sound, light and touch;

Whereas, surgeons who enter the womb to perform corrective procedures on unborn babies have seen those babies flinch, jerk and recoil from sharp instruments and incisions;

Whereas, anatomical studies have documented that the body structures necessary to transmit pain are established by 20 weeks after fertilization;

Whereas, abortions that involve dismemberment of the living baby continue to be performed frequently on unborn children who can feel pain, taking their lives and causing them intense pain; and

Whereas, a number of states, including Nebraska, Kansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Idaho, have already passed legislation protecting paincapable unborn children from abortion;

Therefore, we the undersigned support legislation that would protect pain-capable unborn children from abortion.

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