Affiliate marketing (or Affiliate Marketing) is a marketing strategy widely used on the Internet including merchant sites . In principle, this is the technique with which an e-commerce site ( affiliator ) offers advertising websites ( affiliates ) to promote its products in return for a fee . In most cases, both parties turn to specialized platforms (or marketplaces) that act as intermediaries . The operation of affiliate marketing is very simple. The affiliate must set up an advertisement on his website on behalf of the affiliator. When a user clicks on the ad, it is returned to the merchant’s website. In this case the link is tracked. When the user buys on the merchant’s website, the computer system set up by the affiliate platform records all the details of the transaction. Once the sale is validated by the affiliator, the transaction is credited to the affiliate who therefore receives a fixed remuneration.

In all cases, the mode of promotion and the modalities of remuneration are defined by the conditions of the Affiliate program . In general, there are several methods of compensation: CPC (pay per click), CPL (pay per lead), CPV (pay per view), CPI (cost per installation), and CPA (pay per share). .

The advantages of Amazon Affiliate Websites

Used for the first time in the 1990s, Affiliate is a monetization strategy that offers many benefits. First, it is easy to implement and requires few resources. In addition, unlike the AdSense program, it gives you the opportunity to choose the products that will be displayed on your website. Moreover, there is a multitude of dedicated affiliate programs for almost everything that is sold on the Internet, whether physical or digital products . An Affiliate system for physical products allows you to earn attractive compensation without the need for a stock of goods . This method allows you to avoid all problems related to customer service since it is the merchant site that takes care of it.

For the affiliator, it’s also an opportunity to improve visibility and boost online sales by targeting more potential customers. It also allows him to reduce his advertising and marketing costs by offering sales commissions to affiliates. Although it is advantageous on many levels, affiliate marketing also requires a lot of work. Indeed, your site must generate significant traffic to have a high conversion rate . So you need to use SEO techniques to improve the ranking of your site, including the off-page optimization , the on-page optimization , the content marketing (content marketing) … etc.

In addition, it is important to choose a known and reliable affiliate platform like Amazon , Zanox , Affilinet , 1TPE , CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction ) … etc. Similarly, it is necessary to do very thorough research to select products of good quality. Remember that it is ultimately about recommending products to an audience that trusts you. Always make sure that the products displayed on your website are reliable and do not risk disappointing customers.

Amazon Affiliate Websites (niche site & Amazon)

Amazon is the first merchant site in the world to have an affiliate system . Moreover, its first program was launched in 1996 and aimed at promoting the books marketed on the platform. The American giant is no longer present. It is the world leader in e-commerce and is renowned for its reliability and excellent after-sales service.

To join Amazon’s affiliate program (Amazon partners ), you must have a website displaying at least 10 to 15 unique and good quality articles . Registration for this program is simple and completely free . That said, it is subject to a validation process . Indeed, Amazon must ensure that your website is well presented and that its content is unique and of good quality. If so, your membership in the affiliate program will be approved and you will be able to start selecting the products to promote.

Moreover, thanks to the very high number of products marketed on the Amazon website, you can easily find products adapted to your niche. The average commission offered by Amazon generally varies between 4 and 6% of the selling price. However, it can reach up to 10% for some products.