Once you start your rental business and get some rental dates, you will now go to the site and begin completing your rental agreement (bounce house rentals phoenix az). Here, we’ve compiled a simple guide to help you deal with some of the challenges you may encounter. Be sure to print a good map of the rental location. If you do not know the location, please do not hesitate to contact the customer and confirm his instructions. You don’t want to be wrong on the wrong foot. In case, just in case, please be sure to fully charge on your phone.

Give yourself a lot of time

Arriving as early as possible is a great way to give your customers peace of mind. In addition, you never know what challenges you can face. When you give yourself a little more time, you can eliminate the possibility of any pressure.

When you arrive, be sure to find the manager or renter of your home. Introduce yourself and make sure to ask them what they think when setting up their location. Unless explicitly stated on the booking form, you do not wish to assume a configuration location without having to argue with the customer. But even in this case, a clear confirmation is always a good idea.

Inspection is very important

You need to make a good assessment of where the bounce room (bounce house rentals phoenix az) is placed. Keep in mind that there are things to consider that your customers may not be aware of. Look for a large enough flat space to avoid hanging branches or phone lines. Looking for the roots of trees, rocks or branches on the ground may interfere with and disrupt your home’s bounce. You must be prepared to be firm, as you will be ultimately responsible for any injury or damage to your boat.

When you find a location problem, you may find that the customer will resist because he has other plans to advise him on the safest place. Just remember to take professional action and explain that safety must be a priority.

Check unknown

Before you start placing a bet, ask your customer to see if you have an irrigation system on the floor. Whenever possible, you will want to be insured in the grass area. In this way, you can securely hold it without obstacles. Avoid neglected areas.

Place the bounce room on the asphalt

When placing an inflatable house on asphalt, you always want to place a tarpaulin underneath the device. Tires can easily slip off the tarpaulin, and it is important to ensure that they are checked frequently and re-adjusted if necessary. If you are not participating in this event, please ensure that the customer understands the importance of checking from time to time. Of course, this will reduce the wear and tear of the inflatable bouncing room. By placing a small rope in each corner, you will be able to install the device easily.

Prepare for electrical problems

Before you start setting up Bounce House, you must test the output you will use. Many times, external output does not work. You need to install the plug tester in the toolbox. This is something you can buy at any hardware store, it will prevent you from setting it up and discovering that you have electrical problems right now.

Try to stay within 20 meters of the exit, but please have extra cables ready. Make sure your cable is secure to prevent anyone from tripping over.

Check the configuration and check the security issues

Once you have set up the bounce room, walk with your customers to make sure his condition is acceptable and there are no security issues. Point out any sand or a bag of sand that you place to place the device. Approving it is a good business practice. Make sure they know that the fan must remain open to keep the bounce chamber inflated.