Making your eBay description right is a key step in getting good sales with eBay. Testing the hardware is almost as important as making sure it acts as a reseller.

So what do you guys do?

The Testing

When you list your product for the first time, you must test it to ensure that:

  • There are no physical errors.
  • Do what you should do.

By providing services online for the first time, whether it’s an existing supplier or a new supplier, it’s important to know what it is doing, how it works, and what it does.

Request and check the following:

  • Boxes, boxes and accessories are there, they look the same as ads.
  • Plug in the power, turn on the power, turn on the power, and do everything he should say.
  • Not too hot when using, or strange noise.

If the product is manufactured outside of an English-speaking country (the statement is definitely applicable to 99% of cheap electronics devices), the manual may be incomplete. Check the operation of all features and make sure you know how to perform all the actions the device should perform.

If the manual is missing, take the time to write your own quick user guide, which you can then email to the customer. This may be a lot more work, but it will bring you more seller points.


Positive tone

The keynote of your bid list must be positive to maximize the chances of potential customers bidding on your product (VS36DC3). Many eBay sellers, and even professionals, will list some of the requirements in their descriptions that will allow potential buyers to follow or not bid. This is a very unprofessional and very bad sales strategy. You must provide bidders with a list of reasons why they should bid, not why they should not bid.

The ultimate goal is to attract bidders rather than scare them. More offer the same higher price.


Your title should contain as much information about the project as possible, including keywords, but it should also make sense. Many words are not enough, it will make your page unprofessional.


Identify your product by name in the first line, including related keywords. There is no need to write a formal sentence, because the customer can read the product in the most concise way, rather than appreciate his prose. Therefore, write a feature, feature, size, feature, and ability of the feature in the form of a list.

There are many websites that offer eBay templates that turn the look of a standard eBay auction page into something more professional and unique, without the need to design anything with HTML, or at a high price. .


The more product details you provide, the less questions you can answer from potential bidders, which will save you time. Provide as much information as possible in the description. How big is it? What is its weight? In what state? Of course you can use photos. The buyer cannot see or touch the item in person, so please describe it in detail.


You must honestly describe how you describe used or damaged objects about cheap electronics, because dishonesty can damage your reputation on eBay. If the item you have used still has its box and documentation, please mention it here. Instructions may be important. Customers don’t want to receive gadgets that don’t know how to activate it!

Policy, guarantee and liability exemption

Clearly explain all your policies, guarantees and responsibilities, and reduce the number of issues again, while also giving customers a clear understanding of your responsibilities as a salesman and which areas are responsible for him.