SEO ( Search Engine Optimization , SEO) is a term that describes one of the key disciplines of the daily work with the network of networks. Hardly any Affordable SEO Agency can afford to operate an Internet presence without a minimum of regular SEO measures. After all, the rule of thumb is that the average visitor to a website that has found their way to the website of their choice via the organic search only reaches the third search result page ( Search Engine Result Pages, SERPs) “durchwühlt” before he adjusts the search either according to his individual ideas or the search at this point completely breaks off. Not only does it not hurt to be present on the first three results pages, but it must be the primary goal for a business.

It is good if you are there to match the search with a sought solution found. Bad, however, if one is not found. It is particularly bad, however, if the searcher finds the competitor, while even not finding himself in a prominent position in the search results. Unfortunately there is no second winner in the competition. With the world’s immense number of competitors with the right content ( content ), a portion of Cheap SEO is needed to achieve the ambitious goal of achieving a good ranking. Which tasks one must face for this, this article should show.

Search engine magic OR logic?

Almost all of us have used a search engine before. Many people use them professionally and privately even daily. Only some interested parties would like to know what is technically behind it and even only the fewest users will notice if the display of the search results changes after an update of the search engine algorithm. For example, the introduction of the ” Universal Search ” in 2007 was perceived as a search hit rather than a real innovation for most search engine users. Through this update of the Google search algorithm, in addition to the organic search, several special searches (images, videos, maps, consumption-relevant results as well as news) are performed for the respective search term and mixed under the organic SERPs.

The proportion and position of the Universal Search results varies according to the search query. Factors contributing to these variations include, in addition to the expected relevance to the user, which can be deduced from the individual search terms of the query, among others, the relevance to the public, which results from the sum of all requests for a specific term. Therefore, search engines do not use magic, even if it may happen to one or the other, but are based on a purely mathematical logic. However, since the math can be opened up to anyone, it is quite possible to influence the above rankings in a positive sense by the construction and manipulation of their own website or the backlink structures.

Our ranking recipe


The main ingredient for a successful ranking is rich content and helpful content. “Content is King” is the name of the jargon. Who does not have much to say in terms of content, but enriches the website only with filler words and buzzwords, ultimately can not achieve good ranking results. The added value for its site visitors is significantly lower compared to a short but more meaningful content on another site.

The more specific the content offered for sale on a page, the higher the relevance with regard to a particular search term, which will be discussed in this context. Conversely, it is also possible to address a broader audience by integrating as many aspects of a topic as possible. The combination of the two is the ideal case to achieve in order to rank generic search queries among the search results.

It is important to mention in this context that there are different characteristics of the respective vocabulary in the daily usage of different target groups. In addition to a number of other factors especially the regional origin play a comparatively large role. Also very personal qualities that result from belonging to a group from the so-called sinus milieuhave a strong influence on the word choice used. When optimizing the content, it is therefore quite important how the audience addressed is composed. Subsequently, the website can be made accessible to the masses with the help of easy language or, depending on the topic, with a pronounced content depth and a raised language level, the content can be made available to an individually focused audience.

With the help of wording studies, it is possible to find out the most important keywords before the actual creation of the content , which are likely to be the most frequently used keywords later on.

The surrounding

While the contents should be optimized as such, it is also important that the context of the content is in a thematic context with the content. So should – from the page title on page descriptions ( both meta-statements ) to the headings of the document – but also by the other page elements, the overall theme should be recognizable, of course, the corresponding, special page content must be reflected superficially.

A pure formality, but equally important for both human visitors and search engines: strict adherence to headline levels must be observed. This makes the content structuring much easier and the content easier to access.

Summaries in list form increase the memory of your site visitors to the addressed content. If infographics are used, they are – if adequately provided with alternative texts – additionally available as a helpful tool when it comes to collecting meaning contexts. Never forget the group of people with physical disabilities, for whom alternative content is often the only way to capture image content. As a rule, the same principle applies to search engines since they too can not perceive image information.

The address

Ideally, while the most important keywords can already be found in the domain name, the general use of speaking domain names is a great advantage. A human visitor finds hereby a further orientation aid, but also the search engines are given a tool in this way to grasp the contents of the page in a more structured way.

Also related to the address is the trust ( Trust ), which experiences a web address through its visitors. While in Germany by far the largest trust is set in .de domains, top-level domains ( TLDs ) such as .cc, .to or .ru are currently not easy to leave a completely reputable impression. Other aspects that may increase the trust of a website include, for example, well-known, reputable business partners and references that may be mentioned in a specific area of ​​the site, as well as the participation of well-known authors in discussions in the blogging area of ​​the Internet presence.

Different platforms

There is a special feature for any device that is capable of displaying your webpage that differentiates it from other devices, be it the display size, the system fonts used, or the ability to display multimedia content. With the approach of the ” Responsive Webdesign ” the aim is to supply as many of the devices as possible without errors with the content offered in order to reach the majority of the visitors. One way to get a bit closer to this goal is to use the popular bootstrap front-end framework .

Break down barriers

The special consideration for visitors with technical and physical impairments is now mandatory for all authorities and is by no means a restriction, if an appealing presentation on the Web is planned. Rather, the criteria of the BITV represent an opportunity to structure its content throughout and to always keep the visitor’s benefits in focus. Through the optimized presentation of content is simultaneously operated Cheap SEO, which is ultimately beneficial to the ranking.


Search engine optimization starts with the selection of the domain name and can ultimately be deepened as far as the optimization of alternative texts for pictures, videos and other media content. In summary, the following statements on search engine optimization can finally be made: