When a water-cooled power cable is used in a harsh environment, such as an electric arc furnace (EAF), it can generate huge amounts of heat, which can be severely damaged by flame, ash or melted splashes. (or a series of cables kabelstrumpa). Therefore, the melting operation is paralyzed. This leads to unplanned maintenance and loss of production time. In some cases, these costs are estimated at $100,000 per hour, depending on the scale of operations and production schedule.

The power cord of the water-cooled oven provides a flexible power supply for the up and down movement of the electrode arms, allowing the electrode arms and the roof to move back and forth as they are loaded. oven. The power cable consists of copper wire forming a circular spiral structure that connects to the copper terminals at both ends of the cable. A low temperature rubber coating around the outside of the cable allows cooling water to flow through the cable. The rubber hose is connected to each end of the cable by a stainless steel clamp, a vulcanized bumper or an anti-friction hose.

The danger lies in the splash of molten metal caused by “wet charge”, the impact of flame, extreme high temperature and the like. Damage to the unprotected power cord. This can lead to a chain reaction of catastrophic events, including water cooling losses, resulting in cable overheating or short circuit and termination of the melting process.

Since the diameter of the rubber hose around the feeder cable is large and near the FEA, there is a large ignition area for generating sparks, splashing of molten metal, and the like. In many applications, the cable is completely unprotected and exposed to high temperatures. In some cases, rubber cooling water pipes are wrapped with inexpensive fiberglass tape or jacket to provide minimal protection against potential hazards.


With minimal capital investment, Worbo Inc. can install rugged spill-proof shells to wrap new or existing water-cooled power cables (kabelstrumpa) to withstand high temperatures, flames, ash and exposure. Intermittent large amount of molten metal splashes. Worbo has developed a highly flexible, splash-proof, easy-to-install and completely non-conductive sheathing solution that is ideal for this application.


Made and designed with 100% non-conductive materials, designed for safe and non-bending use, close to FEA CA or CC.

The hydrophobic, low surface energy and “splash” properties of the coarse silicone coating release a large number of random but potentially dangerous molten metals spilled at 3000 °F to help maintain cable integrity. Water cooled power to the next scheduled maintenance period .

EAF Cable’s molded splash guards are equipped with automatic hook and loop closures that can be easily installed on site (or removed for maintenance) without disconnecting the cable.

The high-cut velcro seal is specifically designed for this application to ensure that the cover does not separate and “start up” during the “bounce”, “bounce” and “bump” of the cable during the oven arc. cold. “

The combination of a highly resistant “Splash Away” silicone protective coating on high-thickness, high-temperature glass fiber substrates isolates and prevents molten metal from splashing, flames, and intermittent erosive air and high temperatures.

Economic benefit

Depending on the application, the purchase and installation of a high temperature coating system may require $30 per foot. Compared to the huge costs associated with unplanned maintenance and lost production time, this means that negligible capital investments can be paid multiple times by preventing a single unplanned maintenance event.