You have dogs, you like dogs, you are good for dogs: they tell you all. It is natural in doggy day care, which is the perfect choice for staying at home with dog lovers. You can imagine yourself being surrounded by animal dogs of all shapes and sizes, having fun in your fenced garden or relaxing in the yard while enjoying iced tea or relaxing gardening. Break these fingers and wake up: What does the home launch of the booming dog business mean?

The first thing to do

Do you have your own business? Do you have work experience alone? Maybe you work in a family business, even when you are a child? Working alone has its true strengths and weaknesses, a clear look at your personality, your lifestyle, and especially your thoughts and feelings about risk are a good starting point.

Then, evaluate your resources. Look calmly at the community you live in: Do you have a wealthy client? Dog owners are everywhere, but not all communities share the same attitude towards dog ownership and care. Like all companies, it is worth investigating. Among the things you want to discover:

  • Is there a doggy day care business in your area?
  • Are they full? If so, are they only full in certain seasons or all year round?
  • What time do they offer?
  • What fees do they charge?

Now, do some numbers yourself:

  • How many dogs do you need to operate in black at a competitive price?
  • How is your house and yard?
  • Do you have enough fences? Do you have a clean and effective way to manage dog waste?
  • Do you have a separate room in your house, and if you need to separate the animals, will the door close?
  • Is your floor easy to clean?
  • If you need to change your home or yard to make it more friendly, safer or more attractive to the dog, do you have enough money?

Like all things, there are disadvantages

In addition to the inconvenience of managing a business at home, including the fact that you can’t really “go home,” setting up a daycare on your own property can have adverse or negative effects. About your life.


Before you allow yourself to open a store, you must comply with local, state, and local laws, regulations, and regulations in the dog care industry. Some places are more bureaucratic than others. Therefore, the amount of paperwork to be cut is an open question, but if you don’t like paperwork, remember that you can handle many forms at the outset, including licensing and royalties.

Your personality and other considerations

You will have a lot to do with the public. Prepare for people who don’t do things according to their own requirements, don’t pay on time, don’t represent themselves or their dogs. People may be more difficult to manage than dogs!

You need to spend a certain percentage of your time on tasks that are not related to the dog. Among them, accounting, marketing, business card design, maintenance of websites and / or social networks or hiring additional staff will take your time. The more you do yourself, the more you can reduce costs. But if your power is to take care of the dog, you may find that you don’t like it or you don’t like all the tasks that keep you away from the dog.

You need to have a good relationship with your local veterinarian so that someone can be “on call” in an emergency. It must be clear and rigorous in the development of safety rules and insist on respecting them to avoid fights, illnesses or accidents. An important rule is to limit the number of your dogs at any given time. Be prepared for the day you are running at full capacity, and the customer will ask you to modify your rules “one time” to suit you. If you don’t like to say “no” to others at least at some point, please bind your kidneys, at least sometimes it is necessary.

Despite the difficulties and possible challenges, doggy day care cannot be overcome due to the convenience and pure dog pleasure. A valuable service, dog owners will appreciate it, and creating a loyal customer shouldn’t be too difficult. What better than the day when the dog came to you!