Investing in rental real estate is one of the keys to financial independence

But prices are falling visibly in all regions and the main players are worried. The methods of calculating prices have been questioned by the director of the national federation of real estate agents which has earned him the door . 

If real estate(Marina One Residences) was a game of musical chairs, the music will soon stop. It’s always interesting to invest when you know what you’re doing. Here are 10 key tips for success. 

Real estate(Marina One Residences) is a subject that fascinates me and that I study. Here are the tips and rules that I have gathered and will follow.

6 myths in rental real estate- Marina One Residences

You have to be rich to be able to invest:

if you have to have income and you do not have to be in debt, you do not have to be rich to be able to borrow. The “trick” is that you will certainly not be able to buy your house and invest in rental income because of your debt capacity limitation. Make a choice.

Start small, big investments are too risky:

experience shows that it is sometimes easier to borrow a lot than to borrow little. I have concrete stories of people who started with big investments with few resources. The secret ? When you borrow to buy an apartment, the bank counts on your income. When you buy a building, the property becomes the guarantee. I’m not saying it’s simple but it exists. The risk on a property is also limited because your rental income will always have more resistance if you have 10 apartments than if you rent only one.

One can become rich by buying and selling goods without input:

I would not recommend this type of approach. It’s risky and only allows capital gains instead of generating regular income.

You have to know people to succeed:

 things are often done the other way. Start, show yourself interested, and get to know the people you need.

You have to be sure of yourself and not be afraid to make a mistake:

 find me someone who is invested without fear and I will show you someone who is unconscious. Every new investment is a risk and a challenge to your stability. It’s normal and it’s part of the game. You’ll have problems, but what matters is how you treat them. What matters is everything you will do to prevent a problem from turning into a disaster.

The tenants are big disgusting who break everything and destroy everything they rent.

They are all waiting for the winter break to stop paying rent: I know some serious. I guess they are not the only ones.

10 Tips for investing in rental real estate- Marina One Residences

What is your goal with this investment? An objective is only valid if it is written, communicated and if it frames all your decisions. If it is not the case, you have only wishes and I do not take much risk saying that they will remain wishes. 

A goal is something you absolutely want to accomplish. 

The rental investment process is simple: look for a property, finance the investment, manage the property and start again. 

  1. Find a motivated seller
  2. Define your target
  3. Do your research, visit a lot and make few suggestions
  4. Buy next to you
  5. Create your team that understands how to invest in rental real estate
  6. Unplug your instinctive side
  7. Make your profitability calculations
  8. Finance your investment by not forgetting that you are looking to invest in rental real estate
  9. Do not hesitate to do the right thing, stay informed
  10. Find good manager