During these pessimistic days, I heard many restaurant owners complain that the business pace is slow and that customers are spending less and less on dinner. However, as the saying goes, the crisis period is the period of opportunity.

If your business is slow, it may be a good time to reassess your marketing efforts. Eliminate the dead wood in marketing spending and start wisely putting your money into truly effective marketing (and can prove it works).

I recently met the owner of the last restaurant I was visiting and just did this exercise. I asked him to write down every marketing cost he made, and then we started to evaluate which ones to follow.

To his surprise, (he is not because he expected), 80% of marketing expenses can not be tracked. This meant that he spent quite a bit of money on the Yellow Pages, two local weekly newspapers and other local restaurant catalogues. He did not know how many customers brought these expenses to his restaurant.

The first thing we do is to eliminate all marketing expenses that cannot be measured. This is just a logical step to really assess the return on investment.

I ask you. If you can’t measure your performance (or your performance), would you invest in stocks or mutual funds? Of course not, but many restaurant owners are still spending money on the best things, and there is no substantive way to know how many customers are bringing these investments to the restaurant.

Since the owner relied heavily on a particular weekly magazine and assured me that he brought a lot of customers, I asked him to change the ad to include a discount coupon (Wolt Rabattkod).

If people really saw your ad and went to your restaurant for this reason, they might carry a coupon with them. In this way, you can see how many real customers this ad brings to you, and we can use these numbers to see if the ad is breaking even to pay for the advertising (I sincerely doubt it, but we will see…. ..)

Then, after counting and reducing several of his marketing plans, the boss was happy to save $2,400 a month. There is money in the pocket to waste money. But that’s not all. We are also beginning to implement low-cost marketing changes. For example, their online presence is very disappointing, but most potential and existing customers of restaurants (including yours) are currently looking for restaurants online.

So I started working with him to strengthen his presence on the web.

Of course, the first step is the restaurant’s website. His website is doing well but not fully utilized. I met their webmaster and set up a registration form on the main page to enter their visitor’s information (in exchange for a discount coupon (Wolt Rabattkod 2018) for my restaurant when they entered). We also add online registration, comment fields and other useful and interesting information to your customers.

Finally, he created a Twitter account and started tweets whenever he had a seat and wanted to attract people (fast and economical). These are just a few examples of improvements you can take to improve marketing and save money.

During these periods of the recession, if you want to survive these difficult times, you must control your marketing and strategically and skillfully conduct your business. Who else wants to know the marketing strategy used by TOP Restaurant?