Like most people today, we rely on our boilers to heat our homes and provide hot water as we need them, but do you know that about 90% of people have never checked the boiler before deciding to stop? work Then why does the boiler stop working? I have listed some common pitfalls below.

Boiler leakage

You may have noticed small water droplets around the boiler or under the pot, you didn’t think of it, but it indicates a problem inside the boiler (boiler service london). This can be a simple solution when the pipe fittings only need to be tightened or involved in something else.

Shocked voice

When the boiler is running, please note that it produces strange noises, such as when the boiler reaches boiling point or hum. This is an indication that lime has accumulated in the main heat exchanger and that the water is restricted from flowing normally through the main heat exchanger.

There is no hot water

If you find that the faucet does not contain hot water, it may be because the electric valve cannot be opened to heat the water. This may also be because the programmer did not send a signal to the thermostat. With the combination of boilers, the problem may be more complicated. When you turn on the hot water tap, the sensor signals that the bypass valve opens and heats the water.

Intermittent hot water

With a combined boiler, if you notice that the water can’t be kept at a constant temperature, it then heats up and sometimes does not work, usually because the hot water heat exchanger is blocked by lime and mud.

Radiator has no heat

You find that your heat sink does not work, which can be solved by simply turning the thermostat. They called us several times to make it very hot, only to find that the thermostat was turned off. Pumps installed in the system may be defective. If the pump fails, the heat sink will not work. Defects can also be problems with electric valves or programmers.

Boiler loses pressure

This is a common mistake we found. If a pressure gauge is installed in your boiler, you have a pressurized system. There will be an expansion tank in the system, many of which have been installed internally and must be restarted using the annual service, but it seems to have been forgotten. The ship is an important part of the system. If it fails, you will notice that system pressure is lost.


If the weather is particularly cold outside and the boiler stops working, it may be due to freezing of the condensate pipe, which is very common in winter. If the pipe leads to an external drain and is not cold protected, the boiler will stop working. When the boiler is running, if the pipe cannot discharge water from the boiler, it will cause it to lock and close, and the condensate it produces is normal for the current high efficiency boiler (boiler service london). These are just some of the common pitfalls we encountered when we discovered them. The boiler stopped working. However, it is very important that the boiler is repaired as normal, just as you use a car, it will keep your boiler running at peak performance.