The destruction of buildings, houses, industrial facilities or commercial facilities for reusing the place developing a new project is known as demolition. As the material remained after demolition can be reused, that’s why this method is largely used in the construction sector due to its advantages of being an efficient and cost reducing method of construction. It is a work of high risk and it needs to be done very carefully. Nowadays demolition and reusing has become a very common method, as the waste produced by the destruction of physical structures can be manipulated

In such a way that it benefits the environment and help to keep it clean by recycling of the heap of waste material and using it to create construction structure and structural materials, which are of low grade but their efficiency can be improved by using other construction products and chemicals which can also increase their strength and load-bearing capacity. The major skills required in doing a proper demolition include:-

i). A fully organized plan that satisfies all your project requirements.

ii).Use of Good technology and equipment that can handle all types of demolition projects and developments.

iii). An environment-friendly way to help nature by recycling landfills and stations.

iv).Experts and specialists in the field of demolition and recycling projects.

v).Knowledge of how to handle different types of projects like commercial projects, building projects, industrial projects etc.

vi).Highly trained workers who can be focused and productive.

vii).Proper arrangement of safety procedure and precaution which should be taken to make the process effective.

What are the Types of Demolition?

I).Domestic or residential demolition: The demolition of houses like building a new one or renovating the house or a section of it comes in this category. Sometimes renovation cost more than building a new house by using the demolition method so this method is used. In this type of demolition, careful planning is required so that no surrounding property or structure is damaged.

II).Industrial demolition: This method is used in demolishing industrial areas and buildings. It requires more safety and careful building and procedure because if not done can lead to a heavy loss of money, destruction cause it is done on a large scale. It is done by using heavy equipment, chemicals, and large items. The experts have to take care of the matter that it is demolished in a safe manner ensuring that no problem occurs afterwards.

III).Commercial demolition: This is mostly used in business or commercial enterprises. Careful considerations are taken when the work is being done so that no neighbouring businesses are affected during this procedure this is important because most businesses are always in dense areas.

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Demolition, in general, requires many types of permits such as scheduling permits and other consents to demolish are based on your region council. Different councils have a different set of rules which are made by the government and have to be followed strictly to ensure no mistakes or illegal work is done. There are some necessitate which are needed for a demolition permit like:-

  1. a) land site plan
  2. b) Information regarding materials and area of demolition
  3. c) Details of demolisher
  4. d) Details of the owner of the property
  5. e) Information on waste disposal etc.

Use of demolition is a great idea in the construction sector which has its own advantages and disadvantages. So to use it properly we must ensure its procedures, rules and information regarding other aspects. Hence it is clear that demolition is the best method to create the space to build more structures.