The rise of the Internet has brought us into the stage where we are experiencing a boom in mobile applications. With the development of technology, Internet, mobile and mobile applications are constantly evolving, and they cannot survive without continuing to move toward new, extraordinary, and progressive directions.

With the need to create more and more advanced custom applications, the need to hire trending and sensitive Android app developers has also increased.

While these developers (app developer brisbane) are doing well, let’s take a look at what is the most promising trend in current Android app development:

Portable device

Wearables have changed our lives today. Just as we think wearable technology is incredible, portable portability brings technology portability and has taken Android application development to new heights. Whether it’s a healthcare brand or a more common sports and fitness brand, portable sensors with multiple sensors are commonplace.

Then, some applications support such devices. These applications are designed to work with portable devices to provide the results or information you are looking for directly on the mobile device’s screen. Android app developers are almost always willing to use this technology.

Lighthouse technology

Beacon Technology is one of the most amazing uses originally available for iOS devices, and is now available in almost all existing Android app development companies (web application development brisbane). This is the latest trend and is impressive throughout the Android app development program.

One of the most recognized features of the technology is that it allows you to easily track location and its versatility. Some of the best uses of Beacon technology are to detect any type of hazard in the hotel, rather than the traditional hotel room key, to update customer connections at certain airline airports and to detect hotel temperatures. A hotel. Especially even some of the biggest players in the distribution.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

This is the hype of AR and VR today, and people are looking to hire especially Android app developers (app developer brisbane) to make mobile app technology even more powerful. However, exaggeration, you can never say, it is futile. Augmented reality and virtual reality are indeed the cornerstones of the technology we use today.

With VR, you can create a new reality for end users. It is an advanced technology that allows people to experience real-life situations and stimulate their hearing and vision. It is widely used in movies (making 3D movies), games, entertainment, pilot flight simulators and other fields. On the other hand, AR stimulates a person’s sense of hearing, feeling and smell, making them confused with real and unreal things.

The development of Android applications has been used in many fields, such as games, video creation and even medical fields, to help treat post-traumatic stress disorder (post-traumatic stress disorder) or to perform remote surgery. . .

Instant application

We also have instant apps developed by Android app developers on Google. Do you need an application for a short time until something specific, then the app stays there for no reason to eat your phone’s memory for no reason?

With this instant application technology, you can download a portion of the application you want with a single click, not the entire application. This looks like the way you didn’t load the entire site; there can only be one page at a time.

Pay in the application

We are moving forward to become a cashless society. When every modern website implements its mobile app, how do Android app developers (app developer brisbane) around us consider payments within the app? Today, e-commerce and applications go hand in hand, so online payments are a very important part of the Android app development process.

In addition, with the new Google Android Pay, sellers and buyers will benefit. In particular, the security features of this application are considered to be better than most other features. As a result, users can save their personal data, including credit/debit card details, without any concerns.

Android application development has never involved proven methods or ideas; people have been talking about the innovation, uniqueness and regular updates of current applications. And every year, this year, Android technology has also been pushed to a new level, easily meeting the world’s largest customer base.